You Can Help – Take Individual Actions

  • Good vegetative cover (grass, landscape, trees) will reduce the amount of sediment that enters our waterways. If you plant a garden, leave a grass buffer strip of at least 50 ft. between the garden and the water.

  • Properly maintain septic systems. It is estimated that twenty percent of the septic systems in the watershed are failing. Have your septic system inspected periodically to insure that it is working properly. Repair or replace if necessary.

  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly. There are several options. Include pet waste in your household garbage, so that it will end up in a landfill or incinerator, treat it the same as human waste and dispose of it in a septic or sewer system, or install a separate animal waste septic tank for your pets on your property.

  • Have a nutrient management plan for your property. Soil test before you fertilize to determine if your lawn or garden needs fertilizer and what rate and ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium you should use. If you don’t soil test, use phosphorus free fertilizer. Do not fertilize within 50 feet of the shoreline. Do not fertilize on steep slopes. Lawn clippings and yard waste contain phosphorus. Do not dump along the shoreline. Dispose of properly, in a landfill.

Encourage Community Action

  • Support the development of a city water quality plan.

  • Encourage city government to educate employees on water quality issues.

  • Encourage city employees to consider water quality issues in all their activities.


Give a GIFT OF MEMBERSHIP by making a donation to the Foundation.

Give a GIFT of friendship whether it is a Birthday or other Special Occasion. Consider a GIFT to honor someone as a honorarium for their service to their country or other special event. Or perhaps a Donation in memory of a loved one who enjoyed the recreational use of the watershed or enjoyed being part of their watershed.

Your gift will be used to assist with the good stewardship efforts necessary to protect, preserve, and restore water quality in the Grand Lake Watershed.

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